Halloween stuffs

Halloween!  One of my very most favorite times of the year, which sadly, seems to be a predominantly American thing.  While there is some Halloween stuff that goes on in the UAE, it’s really a drop in the bucket compared to what we get in the states (a veritable Halloween smorgasbord).  I even had to explain the concept of a Halloween haunted house (which once you try to explain it, you’ll find there’s no way to illustrate it in which it doesn’t sound pretty much completely stupid) to my boyfriend, who is English, because apparently, even over in the UK Halloween is no big event.  Really a shame, it’s such fun!

Anyway, I was commissioned to create a couple drawings for some Halloween EDM event fliers which will be taking place in October in Pittsburgh, PA.

I was particularly pleased with the zombie drawing.  It was really fun to do!

The fliers will be designed by the awesomely talented graphic designer Sara & you can find the finished fliers as well as her other work at http://sara412.wordpress.com

(Click images for a clearer full-size view.  The wordpress gallery makes them a bit fuzzy when it compresses them to fit the blog template.)

3D Zombieland
Show Me Love 2

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