Alpine Tropics

Back in Dubai’s sun and sand after taking in a rather perfect amount of snow in just about the quaintest Alpine setting of Wengen, Switzerland/Jungfrau region of the Alps.  Much snowboarding delight was had in the shadow of the Eiger!

The best part?  I didn’t follow a para-skier off the side of the Männlichen!

you don’t want to fall off the side of the Männlichen, apparently

Also good?  Minimal snowboarding injuries – just a few (OK a lot more than a few, actually) bruises and I’m not exactly sure what I did to both of my thumbs, but they are in serious pain.  No texting for me at the moment.  But  nothing’s broken or fractured, so great success.

I haven’t got as many photos to go through as usual from this trip, as most of my time was spent snowboarding.  Hopefully I’ll have a proper blog up about my trip later this week.

Currently doing a bit of relaxing at home before heading back to work tomorrow.  Just taking a snappy break from working out some wall designs.  Our walls are shamefully bare (super hard walls that you can’t nail into, frustrating), so today I bought a couple shades of green paint and I am going to paint some stylized bamboo in the living area.  I may live in the desert, but at least within the walls of my flat I can pretend I’m in the tropics!  Anyway, I hope this project turns out well.  I’ve been excited about starting it since before I left for Switzerland.

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