Orchids & Trying Not To Kill Them

Orchids.  I like them.  They have an interesting look and the flowers bloom for a nice, long amount of time.  This is part of why I like orchids, but I think I like them more due to the challenge it is for me to keep them kicking.  I have trouble enough keeping regular plants alive so why I continually try (and fail) to keep orchids is beyond me.  It’s cruel to the poor, defenseless orchid, plain and simple.

This is my new office orchid, which I have had for a couple weeks now.  It’s doing fine so far, but they always do at first.  Give it time.  I’ll kill the pretty little thing dead, I swear I will.

alive…for now

Added bird bonus: Check out the bird I saddled to the stem of the orchid.  I was ridiculously tickled the other day upon making a purchase in Mulberry when they attached a bird to my shopping bag.  I love little packaging details like that.

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