Never Forget: Deadwood’s cancellation

Yes, six years after the fact I am still pissed off that “Deadwood”, which remains to be my all-time favorite television show ever, was cancelled without at least being given some kind of wrap-up to the story. The show had everything: historical figures, endless creative profanity, cocksuckers galore, lewd behavior, unabashed drinking, drug addition, fancy whores, dirty whores, asshole after asshole after asshole, and a skull confidante. How were more people not watching?

But nope. HBO just leaves you hanging there with the unresolved season 3 finale.

So many unanswered questions left. Will Al Swearengen ever clean up his dirty mouth? Will Bullock ever stop being a self-righteous cocksucker (actually I know the answer to this: no, because Timothy Olyphant can’t really play any other type of character)? Will Wu take over Deadwood in a surprise coup? Will I ever tire of Calamity Jane’s drunken escapades? Where do the fancy whores get their clothes made, because I want some?

So many things I just guess I’ll never know.

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