Don Draper clearly had no part in this

This is an advert I saw on a bus on the way home from work today. It’s an advert for office paper, and the tagline is “JOIN THE EXCITEMENT“.




…of white office paper.

My brain just can’t even wrap around this. I just don’t even understand why a paper company marketing team would go, “yeah guys, lets go spend an bunch of cash on busvertising for paper!” And did they go back in time to some call center cubicle-land office in middle America to get that model?

But that’s not even the weird part. I really, I mean, REALLY don’t get why anyone, in a million years would equate ‘excitement’ with office paper.

Oh! But it’s extra white multipurpose paper. OK, no, never-mind I’m excited now too. Just like the dude on the back portion of the busvertisement.

I don’t know what the Arabic says, but I imagine it must be something along the lines of a quote from excited dude going, “My proposals are finally going to be getting the extra whiteness of paper they’ve been rightly deserving all this time!

Who is the genius behind this advert, I must know. Then I want to meet all the people who approved the inclusion of the “join the excitement” tagline because I just cannot believe that multiple people saw this advert before it was sent to press and just…let it go.

Just like I can’t believe all the people who saw the concept drawings and blueprints for the Yas Island hotel in Abu Dhabi and didn’t notice that it pretty much looks 100% exactly like a monstrous glowing penis.

One thought on “Don Draper clearly had no part in this

  1. HAHAHHAHAHA! Babe, I had this ad too and thought to myself what the hell does the whiteness of the paper matter for anyway? As long as somebody can read it LOL ! Loved this post! following you 😉

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