Jakarta – Java, Indonesia


A very short time only was spent in Jakarta.  I didn’t really come to Indonesia to slum around a big dirty city, there were better things to do.  Just had an evening there, after we flew in. (BTW we ended up having to bribe the guy who was giving up our entrance/visit visa, because he wouldn’t give us one initially b/c I didn’t have a print out confirmation of our flight back home, UGH!  First, but not last bribe of the trip…)

Jakarta was big, PACKED with people & pretty, pretty dirty.  Very much a business city.

We did at least have an excellent supper there in a nice open air bungalow-type restaurant across the street from our hotel.  At the time I thought it was the bee knees, but I was soon to find out most everything were to be in gorgeous open air bungalow-type places. On the way to the restaurant I fell – nay, dove – into the most disgusting mud puddle EVER.  Thankfully I was just a few minutes from the hotel so was able to dash back easily so I could clean up & change.  I was covered in mud.

Absolutely beat  from our journey after dinner we just went to bed.  Had to be up early to catch a morning train to (the far more interesting & beautiful) Yogyakarta…

OH!  Also, I didn’t realize this when I booked our flight, but there was a quick layover in Singapore.  Singapore airport (Changi) is my fave airport I’ve been in!  So nice!  So clean!  Such yummy cocktails!  Being in the airport has made me want to visit Singapore…I mean, jeez, if just their airport is that great!

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