Morning Mountains

One of my favorite things about my flat in DIFC is my views. To the one side (seen below) I look over the residential neighborhood of Zabeel towards Ras Al Khor (the wetland reserve), and to the other side I have full-on cityscape skyscraper views of Sheikh Zayed Road and DIFC. And admittedly, I do prefer the latter – but I’ve always thought it would be amazing to see the Hajar Mountains from home. If was even possible to ever see them – I always wondered if they were simply too far away, no matter the day’s clarity.

After living here for pretty much exactly one year, I finally got my answer during today’s sunrise, an impressively clear one.

At first I thought that perhaps it was simply Fossil Rock, but once I whipped out the camera for a better view, I think the length and layers in the distant landscape mean it must be the Hajars. Whatever or wherever it is, it’s a pretty scene.



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