Lovina & Kalibubuk, Bali


Like all other transport in Indonesia, the ferry from Java to Bali, which should have only been 30 mins took over an hour, when the ferry randomly stopped outside of Bali’s ferry terminal & just sat there.  Oh well.

Once we docked we caught more (slow) transport straight to the northern bit of the island, the Lovina beach area.  The northern part is supossed to be much calmer & less tourist-filled than the southern part (as well as more beautiful, go fig) so we didn’t even bother hitting southern Bali (places like Kuta).  We stayed in Lovina’s main village called Kalibubuk.

While in Kalibubuk we hit up some nearby sights via motorbike like the Singsing waterfalls & the Air Panas Banjar hot springs.  We each rented our own motorbikes for the day to get to these places (about 80% minimum of Indonesia’s population uses motorbikes to get around).  I was looking forward to the motorbike, especially as I had always desired a Vespa.  Well, no longer do I desire a Vespa.  I HAAAATED driving this thing!  I feel that generally I am not an easily scared or intimidated person – by anyone or anything.  FUCK those motorbikes, it was a terrible experience & honestly I’m bummed I hated it so much.  I found it difficult to control – I wrecked mine into the back of a parked truck – & just unpleasant & frightening in general.  I almost killed myself at least a couple times on it.  Especially one time when I was avoiding a lizard on the road (which may have already been dead but I couldn’t be sure) & for some dumb reason I stuck my leg out & put my foot on the ground while the motorbike was zipping along and I was just in flip-flops so there goes one flip-flop lost, flying through the air…

Anyway, obviously I lived & made it first the Singsing waterfalls.  Not huge or anything but beautiful nonetheless.  The muddy waters (which I chose to stay out of, for fear of whatever may lurk beneath) are supposed to be healing.

Then off to the Air Panas Banjar hot spring.  The water was of volcanic origin, so smelled a tad on the sulfuric side was was very nice indeed still.  Absolutely gorgeous surroundings & the water was spewed into pools from stone naga heads.  Very nice.

& finally I had the craziest cocktail in Lovina.  It was simple – just some fresh fruit juices, wine & some sort of liquor…but the presentation is what pushed it over the top.  It was in a fresh hollowed out pineapple, the pineapple lid was cut off, then replaced (so the pineapple looked whole when you received it) & the lid had a serious bouquet of lovely fresh flowers in it!  It was so pretty when they brought it over I thought it was a centerpiece to the table at first, hah.

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