Ubud, Bali


I cannot begin to say how very much I loved Ubud.  It was unbelievably gorgeous & stunning at every turn…  The shopping was pretty great too.  Lots of nifty boutiques & just as many delicious cafes in fantastic surroundings!  There were so many offerings of incense & rice & flowers everywhere you really had to watch where you were stepping at all times to be careful not to trod on them.  The scent on incense was always in the air. Generally I feel it’s a waste of time & money to visit places more than once when there are so many other places to see in the world, but I would be more than willing & delighted to make a return to Ubud one day!

I just loved the place to pieces, I don’t even know where to begin.

The album & photos below are from the guesthouse/bunglaow I stayed in there, the Ubud Palace (still in use), Lotus Pond Temple (where Balinese dancing performances were also staged at night) general in & around Ubud pics…

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