Night Falls on Dubai


I don’t think people quite understand how humid the UAE gets.  I always hear, well at least you have dry heat – but we don’t.  Not always anyway.  It’s a dry arid climate in the cooler months (Oct – April) but we actually have a sub-tropical climate in the hotter months (June – Sept) in which the humidity & haze is so great, it’s like every day is foggy.  It is so bad at times, that the buildings you see in the photos below are only faintly visible at times & sometimes not at all.

Anyway, since I moved into my current flat in Mankhool/Al Raffa it’s been that awful humid heat & hazy every single day.  We finally – finally – had a clear day yesterday.  So nice for a change!  & the humidity seems to have left the air noticeably.  This morning it actually felt REALLY nice out & I went horseback riding at 5pm yesterday, worried it was going to be torture since the sun hadn’t set yet, but the weather was actually pretty pleasant.

These are from the roof of my flat in Al Raffa.  Views of Sheikh Zayed Road & in the other direction, the local Al Raffa mosque & Burjuman Centre in Bur Dubai.

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