Unexpected things

Driving down Dubai’s Wasl Road (or – being driven down it, more accurately) on pretty much a daily basis I was consistently curious about the top of what appeared to be some sort of Asian-looking temple set a little back from the road, behind a couple of buildings.  It is always a bit jarring to see because it looks so out of place and is really unexpected in the never-ending line of sand-colored and cookie-cutter-designed villas and condos.

I finally happened on to the street that this random building is stationed on the other day and upon finally being able to get a full look at it, I discovered that it appears to be…an abandoned home?
At least, I guess it’s abandoned judging by the state of the garden.


Yes, I would live there.


I also made my way to an interesting little Thai restaurant called Smiling BKK.  The food is good, but average.  Where the restaurant stands out is the fact that it’s got some quirky personality.  Something that few places – restaurants or otherwise –  can claim to have in Dubai.  Such a shame.  The menu was filled with familiar Thai dishes with cheeky new names and the restaurant itself, while dark, was filled with colorful, fun decor.  I particularly liked all of the colored ceiling lamps.

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