I always find myself wishing I drew even half as much as I used to. It’ll never happen like it used to again, and that’s the end of that story, really. But I was thinking it might be nice to set myself a goal: simply do one sketch per week. Sounds easy enough. One of my biggest problems is that I simply never know what to draw. I think an easy solution to that is to forget (for the time being) making things up from thin air, and instead illustrate literary characters. That’s what popped into my head after I put this quick sketch of Trillian/Tricia from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (one of my favorite reads) down on paper.


I always preferred the Trillian character from the book, as opposed to the movie version (the romance aspect really annoyed me), but I adored the terrycloth jumpsuit that the movie character wore. Back then, I thought it was make an excellent rave outfit. Despite the fact it would certainly get ruined by the floors and would be horrifically hot to dance in. I also desperately wanted female versions of all of Zaphod’s outfits. I still do, in fact.

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