Set up an art exhibition in 5 easy steps!

1-A) Drag that art out of storage and lay it out.  Don’t get too attached to that ultra-fab exhibition vision in your head because it probably won’t work out in real life.

1-B) Test that art out if it’s not a straightforward painting that simply needs to be hung up.

2) Out with the old (wall text)…

…and in with the new!

3) (optional) If you have movable walls in your gallery, re-arrange them into a fresh layout.  Make sure to move the ones that are stuck in their tracks the most!  Everyone likes to work really hard.

{ BREAK: Help the Mulberry team blow up the traveling Mulberry Bayswater bag for a photo-op outside of the gallery. }

4) Once you’ve settled on the artwork and wall layout, hang those suckers up.

5) Pretty up the space and work your opening reception!




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