So embarrassing.

I have done it. I have gone and joined Instagram. I find it so embarrassing. But I also find it rather amusing in a simpleton sort of way. So, go ahead and follow me at At least until I stop using the thing out of A.) sheer shame for getting involved with something so awfully trendy, or B.) because I have lost or broken my iPhone and am forced back to my back up Blackberry which appears to be half-eaten. It’s only a matter of time, really.

Damn you guilty pleasures.

I’d actually like to use Instagram when I travel for quick imagery updates, I think that could be nice and useful. BUT NO. I can’t use my phone outside of the UAE because I’m not “authorized” for roaming (I’m not even talking about data roaming – I can’t even make or receive phone calls when I leave the UAE). Well I could. But I’d have to put down an AED 2,000 (USD $545) cash deposit to my scheisty phone company. And that’s simply not happening. It’s scandalous! Why can’t I just pay roaming fees like I would…anywhere else in the world? Thank goodness for wifi, I suppose.

Jumeirah Beach, Dubai
Hudson River sunset from the Standard High Line, NYC

You know what guilty please I don’t feel guilty about (this is most things really; I have little to no shame): Ursula 1000’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ radio show. So much fun, especially the Big Beat one.

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