Wild parrots! In my yard!

Technically they’re rose-ringed parakeets (males have a black ring around their neck; females, as in the photos here, do not have the ring). And they’re not native to this region (shock), and apparently not very welcome, but I am thrilled to have them as my guest!

I noticed them flying around my community several months ago – three of them – and from that very moment I knew that I just had to have them in my yard (I fully believe that every outdoor experience is better with parrots, peacocks, nachos, and bellinis). So, I invested in various bird items to make my yard more enticing and I did attract a lot of birds (warblers, finches, hoopoes, mynas (aka screaming birds), red vented bulbuls)…but never the parakeets. 


Quite frankly, I had given up on ever getting the parakeets.

Then, this morning I woke up and noticed them fluttering around my yard. And not even three, but five! I had never seen more than three together before. Later, I noticed there was a whole flock of about 10-12 of them flying around. I was so ecstatic. I never knew I could get so excited over some birds, but it was just the coolest thing to have colorful, exotic creatures hanging out in my yard! The cats were beside themselves with glee, too. The parakeets are rather larger than the usual birds we get, and must have looked like quite a decadent meal.


I felt like an asshole though, because I am usually very good at keeping the feeders full at all times, and then the morning the parakeets finally come, after months of waiting, both feeders were totally empty. When they flew off, I hurried to refill everything and they shortly returned.

I hope they become regular visitors now; once they get used to my yard I’m curious to see if they’re receptive to being around humans. It would be so amazing if they are friendly with people. And it would drive my cats mad.


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