Christmas Polo @ the Dubai Equestrian and Polo club

This weekend, I finally got around to taking advantage of our friendly neighborhood polo grounds (the most expat-y thing that has ever come out of my mouth?). And, lo, it was good. With it being the last weekend in Dubai before heading north to too-cold-for-me England for the holidays, it was a good idea to take advantage of some outdoor weather. Except, it ended up being properly chilly here (high 70s only) and we had lots of weather happening that day (overcast and windy, can you imagine?).



Divot stomping at half time.




Anyway, it was still a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon. I may have overdressed a bit, given that the only other polo experience I had prior was visiting the Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge 2012, which was invitation-only and predictably fancy schmancy (and there will be tears if I don’t get to go to the 2013 match). It had perhaps set my coming polo expectations a touch high. No matter.

Check out my hair magnificently flowing in the wind. God, I feel like Fabio. Put me on the cover of a romance novel, like, stat.

[ trilby from Bundle MacLaren | tank dress from BCBG | fringed robe from Free People ]


So, what made this a “Christmas” match? Well, there was apparently some Christmas market/bazaar pre-game, but all I noticed was this decorated tree, and all of the wait staff were wearing santa hats, too. I’m under the impression that a lot of people who are unfamiliar with Dubai think that Christmas is outlawed or non-existent here, and that is not the case at all. The shops around town were overflowing with Christmas decor by mid- or late-December this year. You hear Christmas songs in shops – to my great dismay. When I first moved out this way I was excited that I would never have to be tortured with Christmas music (loathsome stuff) while I was based here. How very wrong I was.


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