A rare update

Visiting the Jumeirah Messiah resort in Kuwait, I embarked on a spa break that featured a five-hour marathon of spa treatments. With it’s enormous spa, vast menu of treatments and tranquil atmosphere, it’s a short hop from Dubai worth your weekend.

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CNT ME – and more of my babbling – is also available in Apple’s App Store (search for “conde nast traveller middle east”) as a monthly digital download. And I think it’s free right now. It’s a rare moment when anyone can do something to make me happy that doesn’t involve spending obscene – or any, in this case – amounts of money. You’re welcome.

It’s full-on summer here in Dubai (110 degrees, humid and Ramadan, t’boot) but I’m soon off to finally give Six Senses Zighy Bay a go in Oman’s Musandam Peninsula. I’ve been eyeing it up for many a year and look forward to finally making it there.

A trip to Turkey’s southern coast is also under consideration for a late summer getaway. Much like Zighy Bay, the Lycian Way trek has been on my mind for some time, although I won’t be taking on the full month-long, 500+ kilometre journey. I imagine after two days of shoving as many Iskander kebaps down my throat as humanly possible, I’ll no longer have to walk, though, and can simply let the boyfriend roll me. Maybe prod me along with a blunt stick or something. I would also love to try to fit in a visit to the Pamukkale hot springs. Before I get fat on Turkish kebaps, obviously.

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