Philadelphia: America’s birthplace, reborn

Out this month in the October 2015 issue of Destinations of the World News, I return to Philadelphia to check out what’s new in my one-time home, while revisiting old favorites.

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And, as I’m indulging in a three-day weekend at the moment, I’m hoping (although less than optimistic) to find the time to write up a new blog post about my travels through the lovely South of France last month. In a nutshell? The little villages of the Cote d’Azur are too charming by half; steer clear of Cannes; and it’s worth fighting the traffic getting into Monte Carlo to have a good gawp at the city for an afternoon…and a Michelin-starred lunch with a view.

More recently, I visited Malta and its Mdina Classic Car Grand Prix. This is one small (and I do mean small) Mediterranean island worth checking out for beautiful medieval and baroque architecture, a convivial population of residents and a lifestyle so lovely and chilled, you’ll be eyeing up your own Maltese palazzo before long. Look out for the feature in an upcoming issue of DOTW News.

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