Sacred Monkey Forest & Elephant Cave, Bali


Not much to say.  Just crazy, cheeky monkeys.

Honestly I was never very interested in monkeys before.  I could take ’em or leave ’em.  But now that I’ve had the chance to interact with them & watch them behave outside of a caged environment I like them a lot more. They were incredibly interesting creatures & it was really amazing to watch the human-like things they would do while entertaining themselves, especially the younger monkeys.

The area in which they lived was a holy & sacred site with temples most non-Balinese could not visit or enter, which was disappointing. Even the monkeys were considered sacred here. No wonder they were so naughty! They treated humans like their own personal jungle gyms, stole my camera lens (which I eventually traded back with a banana), tried to get in my bag & pull off anything they could from my clothing – & we didn’t even have food or treats to tempt them with to get their attention, unlike many visitors.



A cave, with a demon elephant relief outside.  Built around the 11th century was originally a dwelling for Hindu priests.  The fountains in the site are considered holy & its still used today by many Hindu.
…& like most places, was surrounded by rice paddies

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