A dhow trip along Oman’s Musandam peninsula


After wanting to for a while, I finally booked a trip on a dhow boat that took us through the khors (fjords) of Musandam.  It was sooooo nice!!  Went from 9am-4pm & I was worried it was going to be a bit miserable because of the heat, but it could hardly have been nicer.  Yeah, it was pretty damn hot & humid, & dhows are traditional boats which aren’t air conditioned or anything….but it was shaded & the breeze from moving across the water kept things comfortable.  We stopped three times to jump off the boat & go snorkeling — the water was crystal-clear & full of beautiful fishes & coral.  There was a small barbecue on the boat for lunch with fresh fish & everything.

Dolphins visited the dhows a few times, once there was even a mother with her calf.  Really great trip – I would definitely do it again!

[EDIT – Since this trip I have gone back once more.  It was still enjoyable, but was in the winter which is the busier tourist season here in the Gulf.  It was very packed & there were many dhows out on the water.  I would recommend braving the summer heat if you’re going to do it.  The lack of people & boats on the water make for a much better outing.]

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